Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions. 

  • What are our staff credentials?

    All lead teachers at Open Arms hold certifications and or degrees specific to Early Childhood education. The teacher’s assistants have either some experience at a child care center or some early childhood classes. Our staff is very loving and nurturing and we have a low turnover rate.

  • When are we open?

    Open Arms is currently open from 7:00amto 5:30pm Monday through Friday. Office hours are from 7:00am to 4:30pm.  

  • When are we closed?

    We are closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday following, Christmas Day and one other day in conjunction with Christmas. Normal weekly payment is due even during a holiday week.  We are also closed for two days in August, between the close of summer camp and the start of the new school year, to allow for deep cleaning and classroom preparations.  Here is our 2023-2024 school year calendar.

  • Are we licensed?

    Open Arms is licensed through the State of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. We must comply with their rules and regulations. Because we offer an infant/toddler program, we also have a registered nurse that visits our facility once per month to observe and give the staff instructions, tools and feedback in providing care to our infants/toddlers and all of the children.

  • Do we offer full-time and/or part-time care?

    We currently offer full time for all classroom and 1/2 day care for Kindergarten.  We also offer two days a week and three days a week care but there is limited availability so please call to find out if your child's classroom has an opening. 

  • How do we secure our facility?

    The entire facility at Open Arms remains locked at all times. When you enroll your child you will receive a door key fob to be used on the key pad located by the front door. That fob will allow you access to our building during Open Arms hours. We sign each child in using our Smartcare system.  This tracks were the children are throughout the day as well as when they are signed into and out of the building. 

    Our staff are trained annually with reminders and meetings throughout the year on emergency situation drills.  These drills include fire, tornado, medical emergencies, lockdown, suspended schedules, and active shooter.  Please note that lockdown, suspended schedules, and active shooter drills are not practiced while the children are in the facility.  

  • How are meals provided at Open Arms?

    Open Arms uses a catering service for meals and snacks. When your child is eating table food (approximately age 12 months) your child may begin using our catering service. (Food is included in the price of tuition.) We also supply whole and 2% milk once your child is 12 months of age.  Before 12 months of age parents are required to bring formula or breast milk, cereal, baby food and snacks for their infant.

    For more information about our catering service, please click here.

  • Can tours be scheduled?

    To schedule a tour of Open Arms Christian Child Development Center please call (847) 724-6092 or email us for a tour. Times are flexible and may be arranged between the family and the director. Due to COVID we ask that any tours taking place during the day be one adult member only, if you would like to tour and have children or other family with you, we ask that you schedule your tour for after hours during the week. 

  • What are our health and safety initiatives?

    We take the health and safety of the children very seriously. We have a custodian who cleans and disinfects the facility. The staff also takes special care in sanitizing their classroom toys and equipment. They also teach proper hand washing techniques to our older children. All of our doors remain locked and visitors must ring a doorbell and be buzzed in by our Office Manager. Open Arms conducts monthly fire drills and semi-annual severe weather drills. Staff members also receive ongoing training in health and safety topics and all are CPR/First Aide certified.   

  • Are we ACCREDITED? 

    We are accredited through the National Lutheran School Accreditation.