baby rosebuds and begonias

Baby Rosebuds (Infants: 6 weeks to 10 months) and Baby Begonias (Infants: 11 months to approx. 15 months)

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Infant care can begin as early as 6 weeks old. At Open Arms we have 2 infant rooms to help meet the needs of the various stages that infants go through. Research shows that at birth, the human brain is in a remarkably unfinished state. Most of its 100 billion neurons are not yet connected in networks. Forming and reinforcing these connections are the key tasks of early brain development. Connections among neurons are formed as the growing child experiences the surrounding world and forms attachments to parents, family members and caregivers.

At Open Arms our loving, caring infant teachers sing, read, snuggle and walk with your infant. Our infant room teachers provide a consistent and predictable environment and a safe and clean area where your baby can creep, crawl, move, toddle, sit, lay, swing, sleep and walk. Your baby will be rocked and cuddled. They will be spoken to and smiled at. Through these positive interactions, your infant and our caregivers will build a relationship built on trust, which will create an appropriate environment where learning and growth will happen each day.

All infants are allowed to eat and sleep based on their own individual schedules. There are times throughout the day when the infants may be simultaneously eating, sleeping, diapering, and/or playing outside. However, very little is ever done as a “large” group activity. Diapers will be changed every 2 to 3 hours throughout the day, or as needed when a diaper becomes soiled. Please be sure to take home your child’s INFANT DAILY REPORT form to keep you informed about your child’s day at Open Arms Christian Child Development Center.

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