Who We Are

Open Arms Christian Child Development Center is a ministry of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Glenview. We are committed to providing safe, educationally excellent, family centered child development rooted in Christ-like love. We are called to serve our community. It begins with a commitment to having an excellent staff. At Open Arms, each child is guided to develop his/her potential in every aspect of life within an encouraging and nurturing environment. We operate our center assuming that each child is an individual and must be allowed to grow and learn at his/her own rate and to develop a healthy self-image. At Open Arms, we will help each child to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually.

We are a ministry of Immanuel Lutheran Church.  To learn more, please visit:  www.immanuelglenview.org

What our families are saying...

Open Arms provided our children a home away from home.  The staff cared for them like they were their own.  From the earliest days they were adored, sung to in the infant room, read to constantly, taught to count in English and Spanish and did hands-on art in even the youngest classrooms.  They painted with leaves, had dance parties in the gym, learned colors, shapes and letters.  As they got older, they were enriched with outdoor scavenger hunts, gardening, science experiments and all kinds of art projects.  One of the greatest gifts Open Arms gave us was a sense of belonging, both spiritually and within our community.  My children have faith in God and His teachings, and a profound optimism that can only be learned by being immersed in a place that embraces the love of God and family. 

Beth and Jason DeBaker - Glenview, IL

I've had three children go through the Open Arms daycare and kindergarten programs.  Two have graduated and moved on to our great public schools in the area (one is still in kindergarten) and both have been above average academically compared with their peers.  While academically they've both done very well, what I'm most proud of is when the teachers comment about what a joy they are to have in their classroom and how kind they are to other students.  I credit this to their education at Open Arms which has taught them to play well with others and to be respectful of both classmates and teachers.  Open Arms provides an extremely well-balanced education and I'm so very thankful!

Anna McGinty - Glenview, IL

We were at another daycare center prior to Open Arms and the difference between the two is almost impossible to put into words. Open Arms is truly a special place and I think more than anything it’s due to staff that are there to care for and love our children everyday. There have been so many instances where the teachers have gone out of their way for each of my children to try to ensure their day is as bright as possible.  They’ve created an incredible supportive community full of so much love that we are so lucky to be a part of! We can’t imagine our world without Open Arms! 

Lindsey and Greg Gerba – Glenview, IL

From the moment you walk into the school, you can feel the love. The teachers truly learn who your child is and are their biggest fan.  Communication with the teachers is detail oriented and thorough.  They truly listen and work with your child. I wish we had found Open Arms sooner.  It truly is a gem. The traditional Christian values the school has taught my son makes my heart melt every time he comes home singing a new song or explodes with a story of excitement of what he did. You are treated like family and a VIP.  The Director, Ms. Jessy, and the office staff know every family and are super respectful, responsive, and proactive, and always put the kids first.  We whole heartedly feel our son is safe, cared for and nurtured, and challenged on all levels with encouragement and positive feedback.  God truly is blessing these children with the most enriched education and childhood. I cannot say enough great things about this school. 

Ania Cienkowski-- Glenview, IL