lead Testing/Results

Notice of lead testing (click to view)

New lead testing results (click to view the full report)   

Findings from the report:


1. "Based on laboratory results, the potable water sources and water fountains  used by the children only the 1st draw from the toddler's sink #2 is above the DCFS standard of 2.0 ppm." (Sink #2 is the hand-washing sink.)


2. "WGM (Weber Management Group, Inc.) recommends that the toddler's sink #2 to be flushed for a minute before use. This procedure is recommended due to the second draw sample of the toddler's sink #2 was below the DCFS standard of 2.0 ppm." (A sign was posted by sink #2 in the toddler room to flush for one minute before using.)


3. Each of our downstairs classrooms has two sinks. One sink is a hand-washing sink and one sink is a food preparation sink. The sinks are separated by a partition in the toddler room and by location of the cabinets in the other three downstairs rooms. 

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